Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hyper-Realistic Video Game Features Character That Wastes Countless Hours on Video Games

Los Angeles - in what industry leaders are calling "revolutionary", a new video game features characters that, instead of performing the rational goal-directed actions their players wish of them, sit distracted in front of computers for hours of each game-day. Gamer Jon Rutland isn't so sure. "I want the character to go out and rack up points so he gets to the next level but for some reason he just sits there in front of a screen. It's so frustrating." At press time the executive center of Rutland's brain had no comment.


TGP said...

How about a protagonist who stops to blog/tweet his progress constantly?

Status 80% health. Wish I had a BFG. These Nazi Zombie uniforms are very last year. When I get home, cupcake time!

Michael Caton said...

The compulsively-blogging video game idea has definitely promise. In fact it's this very habit that inspired me to write this post.

TGP said...

Look out behind you! It's a Koopa!