Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The U.S. Plans to Build Its Own Great Firewall

The Federal government have decided we Americans aren't grown up enough to avoid hurting ourselves with all the dirty, confusing things on the Internet. So they're drafting legislation for our very own Great Firewall. Apparently our Congress thinks China is the "it" government and thinks your freedom of information should be curtailed just like the CCP. Read more here.


TGP said...

If they build this and it doesn't kill the spam problem, fuck 'em.

Seriously, if the government is going to filter everything, they'd better also us it to stop spam and malware or they're going to get sued left and right.

P.S.: That's also a problem with not maintaining net neutrality. If you're an ISP that monitors and filters traffic, you're not a common carrier anymore.

Anonymous said...

Why is our government such an amazingly bad joke? :(