Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Questioning Outrage

1) News flash: people asking for money on the street are sometimes lying. When you give a beggar money, part of the deal is lack of accountability. You don't know what s/he will spend it on; you don't know if s/he is actually a millionaire on a lark. Expecting that a stranger to whom you give money is telling the truth is stupid, and being outraged by this man's behavior is frankly bizarre. That said, his fake speech impediment gives him away. He talks like someone with a brain injury, but his grammatical lapses are out of place.

2) What is the penalty for making damaging accusations? It's certainly the case that more rapes go unreported, than false rape accusations are made. But the case of a serial rape-false-accuser who is getting jail time is now prompting people to ask questions: since there is clearly an irreversible cost of (rape accusations, molestation accusations, etc.) what is the cost to the accuser in cases where it turns out to be false? Another bizarre legal inconsistency is that it's contempt of court to lie under oath, but then a defendant pleading innocent and found guilty does not automatically earn an additional contempt charge.

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