Sunday, December 29, 2013

Photography Color and Texture Series

I've been posting some personal photos on Facebook that people have been enjoying. They focus on texture and color over shape and perspective. When context and scale are removed, you're forced to pay a lot more attention to the patterns you're seeing to make sense of it. It's enforced mindfulness. (I don't always tell you where they're from; see if you can figure it out.) This is the opposite of the clear planist functionalism of Haida art. Here are a few of my own favorites; if you'd like to see more, send a friend request to me here.

Sunlight through lake ice and fishing hole, Mille Lacs, Minnesota

Original 1700s wall decoration, Mission San Miguel, California

Lake Louise, Alberta

Halfway up the butte, Monument Valley, Arizona

Summer sunset, San Diego, California

Mud and ice, Goblin Valley, Utah

Early summer snow on woodpile, Tahoe Rim Trail, California

Maximus the stupid cat

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